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Vana Hasti Alborz Beverage Co

Vana Hasti Alborz Company , located in the Alborz highlands, has been constructed on a 4-hectare land. The choice of this mountainous place is to access the Kabutralli mineral water spring. The water of this spring is one of the highest quality and richest mineral waters in Iran. This spring is located at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. Access to this place by creating 2 km of road and 3 km of high pressure power line and very heavy investment for It is possible to supply basic infrastructure. One of the methods of juice production that allows us to produce a quality product without the need to use chemical preservatives. The system is hot filling or HOT filling. In this method, the product is pasteurized to 100 degrees Celsius. And after being transferred to the packaging machines, it is filled into a bottle at a temperature above 84°C . This temperature causes the product to be sterilized. The bottle and the lid of the bottle will be one of the prerequisites of this high pressure oil production system, free of oil and water, which is assisted by the Spanish ABC compressor in this way. Like refractory steel, it is resistant to high temperatures, and then packaging devices that are open and designed based on use at this high temperature. This technology leads to the production of fruitless beverages with vanilla brand in orange, pomegranate, peach flavors , Tropical, apple and pear, citrus mix, lemon mix, sour red fruit mix, fruit mix The main ingredient of these drinks will be the natural fruit concentrate and in some flavors the fruit pulp. Contact with the product. All raw materials from the beginning of entering the factory, production of the product, quarantine until the time of departure will be monitored by the quality control unit using the laboratory equipped with modern technology. fill leads to the acquisition of domestic and international standards such as: ISO 9001, ISO22000, HACCP